Step 1:

We consult with our clients to get an idea of the design they would like for their custom piece. Often customers will send us a description, picture or drawing to start off the process. At this time we also assist the customer in identifying whether the piece will be made in sterling silver, gold, white gold or platinum. We can also provide guidance as to the size, shape and quality of gemstones needed to complete the piece.

  • This customer wanted a 14k white and yellow gold spinning ring with specific Celtic symbols.

Step 2:

The customer's finalized design is then recreated utilizing our 3D modeling software which allows for a high degree of specificity and gives us to ability to virtually display the piece for the customer as it will appear after it is actually completed.

  • Often there is a progression of several renderings with changes made through consultation from the customer, from the initial depiction to the final approved design.

Step 3:

Once the design is finalized, a final quote is given and a 50% deposit is taken before production. The finalized design is then printed on our professional 3D printer which produces an exact wax model of the finished piece.

Step 4: 

The 3 dimensional wax model is then cast in the customer's choice of fine metal. The casting is inspected and polished and the customer specified stones are set.

  • This customer wanted a matte finish on the white gold spinning portion and a high polish on the outer ring. The customer also asked for an engraving of their anniversary.

Step 5:

From there, we send it to our happy customer.

  • The customer and his new ring!